Day: May 4, 2024

Drug Crime Attorney – How to Defend Against Drug ChargesDrug Crime Attorney – How to Defend Against Drug Charges

drug crime attorney

If you are facing drug charges, such as possession or distribution, it is imperative to find an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. Conviction of a drug crime can result in huge fines, prison time, and a permanent criminal record that can make it difficult to find a job or rent an apartment.Read

In a defense case, your lawyer may argue that the evidence used to convict you is invalid. To do this, he or she must demonstrate that the evidence was obtained illegally. This can be done in several ways. For example, your drug crime attorney might argue that the search and seizure was unreasonable. This is because the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures.

The Legal Expertise You Need: Consult with a Reputable Drug Crime Attorney

Your drug crime attorney might also argue that the police did not properly identify the drugs in your possession. For instance, they might claim that the police mislabeled the substance or that you had a legal herb (such as parsley) instead of a controlled substance.

Lastly, your New York drug crime attorney might be able to help you by challenging the validity of any evidence against you. This can be done through a process called suppression of evidence. This is because the Supreme Court has ruled that any evidence that was obtained illegally should not be allowed in court.

When choosing a drug crime attorney, you should consider referrals from friends and family members who have gone through similar situations. You can also do a simple Internet search through state and local bar associations.