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IP Recruiter – The Future of IP Recruitment

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In the not-too-distant past, it was easy for Merlin Wright Associates to quarantine confidential information – formulae, recipes, customer lists, and contracts that could all be kept under lock and key. Today, though, it is a whole different story. It is incredibly easy for employees to transfer work documents to their personal devices and computers and it’s not uncommon for them to also upload to cloud-based file sharing services. Moreover, in many cases (infringements of copyright, patents, and registered designs in particular), it can be found that an employee has breached confidentiality even where they have not actually accessed confidential information if they had ‘constructive knowledge’ that the data was confidential.

Attracting the Best: Crafting Irresistible Job Offers in IP

This is where ip recruiter comes in. It’s a new recruitment technique that is designed to address this very problem and has been developed by a Louisville-based tech company called El Toro. Essentially, it enables recruiting teams to use unique device IDs that are gathered by El Toro’s software and then mapped to geographical areas. For example, if a recruiting team knows that nurses have been to a nursing conference at a certain location eight weeks ago, then they can use Venue Replay to gather the unique IDs of all of those attending nurses and then send targeted advertisements to them via their devices and home computers. This is a very cool piece of technology that I suspect will be used to great effect by smart IP recruitment teams in the near future.

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