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How to Clean Silver Statement RingsHow to Clean Silver Statement Rings

Whether worn on a daily basis or for special occasions, silver statement rings are a fashion accessory that makes an impact. They are often bold in design and use large stones or other accents to make them stand out from the crowd. They are perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with their style and wants to be different than the norm.

These rings are also known by other names like cocktail rings, signet rings or bold fashion rings. Their bold designs are eye-catching and are a great way to show off your personality. Moreover, they can make an impact on people who you meet in your life. This is why it’s important to get your statement ring right.

Shine Bright: The Timeless Allure of Silver Statement Rings

You can find a variety of silver statement rings at ZONDER. You can even get one that is crafted with natural raw materials for a unique look. These rings are an excellent addition to your jewelry collection and can be worn with any outfit. The collection includes a wide range of ring sizes and themes. You can even find some antique art deco rings that are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any look.

If you want to keep your silver ring clean, you can use a simple trick. Get a small dish and cover it with foil. Then pour a teaspoon of salt into the dish. Slowly drop your ring into the mixture and ensure that it is making contact with the foil. Leave the ring in the solution for about half a minute and then rinse it under running water. Repeat this step if needed until the ring is tarnish-free.